Fort Worth is a beautiful city filled with proud locals, enthusiastic transplants from all over the country, and locations both man-made and natural to keep you entertained and in awe. So let’s get moving!

In Fort Worth’s days before the car’s mass production, you may have seen your share of bicycles as a main source of transportation. Well, as part of our health initiatives, the bike is firmly back, thanks to Fort Worth Bike Sharing! With 30 bike stations and 300 bikes distributed, you’ll find many spots in Fort Worth connected for exercise and exploration. Get a membership card and you can easily check bikes in and out practically all over the city. Gas may be cheap now, but it doesn’t get much cheaper than this!

OK, but maybe it’s a downpour day or you just don’t feel like entering the Tour De Fort Worth…we understand! Fort Worth connects through the interstate highways of I-20, I-45, I-30, and I-35—with exciting expansion scheduled for the latter two. Our roads lead to one-day trips to Houston, Austin and San Antonio—even Oklahoma is only about two hours north.

The city is also encircled by Loop 820, and SH 121 leads you to the world as it goes all the way to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Or maybe you’d rather read and let someone else do the driving. Public transportation is alive and well via the TRE (Trinity Railway Express). Reaching all the way to Union Station in downtown Dallas, Fort Worth’s Texas & Pacific Station is also connected to the CentrePort/DFW Airport Station Monday through Saturday. It hits other useful points as well, including the Medical/Market Station in Dallas.

The T’s bus service obviously has a few more stops, but it’s a winner for locals and visitors alike who want to be let off near their favorite Fort Worth locations.

Taking Flight

Once you know the ins and outs of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, it’s one of the easier air drop-offs you’ll encounter for a big city (with, admittedly, a bit of construction at the moment). The biggest hub for American Airlines, the largest airline in the world, it’s home to roughly 1,750 flights a day. Unless you want to park near the gate, Express and Remote parking both allow for easy parking and shuttling to your terminal of choice. A trusty TollTag (see TollTag box for more details) allows several of its own lanes for quick entry into the airport of seemingly endless destinations.

Use our airport often and realize that the only better feeling than taking off for excitement is seeing the majestic buildings and open land of the Metroplex welcoming you home.

TollTag Keeps You Moving

No one likes traffic at a standstill! Well, that’s what a long line at the tollbooth can feel like, and our state feels your pain. That’s why the Texas TollTag system keeps you moving along our many glorious roads, as your vehicle passes overhead devices which pick up the TollTag attached to your windshield. This is considered a must for most Texas drivers, and it’s easy enough to sign up for cashless tolling from your bank account, either online or at a TollTag location. Besides the convenience, you also receive a discount on tolls by choosing TollTag, adding up to likely major savings over time. Find out more at


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