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When it comes to legal assistance, the most difficult part will be in the choosing, as Fort Worth is home to many lawyers. Perhaps the best place to begin your research is by visiting the Chamber’s online lawyer directory.

Looking for reduced priced services or pro bono aid? Tarrant County has you covered.

Legal Contact Information

To report a non-emergency (817) 335-4222
Police Department (main line) (817) 392-4000
Records and Reports (accident and offense reports, fingerprints, clearance letters) (817) 392-4160
Media Contact (817) 392-4200
Police Administration (817) 392-4200
Criminal Investigations-Detectives (also see individual units below) (817) 392-4300
Internal Affairs (complaints on officers) (817) 392-4270
Crime Stoppers Hotline (817) 469-8477
Homicide Unit (817) 392-4335
Commercial Auto Theft Unit (817) 392-4400
Domestic Violence Unit (817) 392-4355
Crimes Against Children Unit (817) 348-1153
Sex Crimes Unit (817) 392-4350
Major Case Unit (817) 392-4430
Robbery Unit (817) 392-4370
Fugitive Unit (817) 392-4430
Fraud Unit (817) 392-4550
Training Division (817) 392-5570
Narcotics (817) 378-1500


Emergency Response

As with in any U.S. city, call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. You can always be prepared for emergencies by visiting The Fort Worth Police Department’s Special Events/Emergency Response (SEER) is dedicated to increasing the ability of the Fort Worth Police Department to respond to all hazards and emergencies both locally and beyond. To report a non-emergency, call (817) 335-4222.

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