Your new hometown experiences moderate temperatures year round. Yes, it’s hot in the summer and cold come winter, but there’s only a handful of days when it’s too extreme to get outdoors to exercise. Thanks to these primarily mild temperatures, getting outside to get fit, whether you like to hike, jog, or bike, is relatively simple. Trinity Trails is a system of 40 trails for outdoor activity and a great place for newcomers to start getting fit.

If you prefer belonging to a gym, taking a yoga class, or lifting weights, there’s also a multitude of opportunities in Fort Worth. Numerous clubs and fitness centers call Fort Worth home. Throw your hands in the air and get ready to sing the song because the YMCA has a big presence in Fort Worth. Depending on where you’ve settled, chose from the many YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth locations, including the E. R. Van Zandt Southwest YMCA and the NorthPark YMCA. If you prefer to workout during unusual hours, choose 24 Hour Fitness or Anytime Fitness, both boasting a gym that doesn’t close. For a hardcore workout in a minimal setting with tons of peer support, try CrossFit, which has numerous locations in Fort Worth. The Barre Code offers what the name suggests, a workout utilizing a bar to strengthen and tighten stubborn muscles. And if yoga is your chosen method, choose from Indigo Yoga, SoulSpace Yoga Community, and more.

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